Acoustic Panels To Reduce Noise Within A Room

Acoustics are the ways a room manages or handles the sound waves. Sound waves travel through the air, reflecting off solid objects such as walls, floors and ceilings. This is also known as reverberation or echo. Acoustic panels are designed to slow down the reverberation time (or echo) of sound to a manageable level, so that you can hear with clarity.  

Where to put acoustic panels?

Large rooms with a sound source that you want to hear in perfect tone and clarity, usually require acoustic panels. Some of these rooms include:

Conference Rooms Auditoriums Movie Theaters
Hotels Halls Restaurants
Hallways Night Clubs Offices
Gymnasiums Home Theaters Classrooms

And More!

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Related Projects

Sudbury Police Department


Chief of Police Scott Nix from the Sudbury Police Department reached out to New England Soundproofing in the event that we could soundproof the HVAC machine situated over the drop ceilings and was also questioning about soundproofing the  intake/booking room.  New England Soundproofing supplied and installed REVRB Acoustical Panels in the...

Granite State Credit Union


Granite State Credit Union contacted New England Soundproofing regarding the reception area.  This area is a large space with high ceilings, hard wall surfaces and ceramic floors with 2 small areas with industrial carpeting. During New England Soundproofing’s visit it was very noticeable that the...

Screen Printed REVRB Acoustic Art Panels


Below are some of the recent screen printed REVRB Acoustic Art panels. Take any image and have it printed right onto our REVRB acoustic products. 

Randolph Automotive Acoustics


Randolph Automotive had a annoying echoing hallway that really disturbed the office space within. After contacting New England Soundproofing and having a on-site consultation, they knew the only solution to their problem was REVRB Acoustical panels. New England Soundproofing was able to provide and install acoustical panels throughout the hallway,...

High Reverberation Solution for Boston Herald Radio


For their second anniversary, Boston Herald Radio has undergone a major soundproofing overhaul within their Boston based radio station to improve the acoustics and performance on the radio, and it was done with the help of New England Soundproofing!...

Music Room Acoustics Improved with Soundproofing Treatment


A local family in Needham MA wanted help decreasing reverberation, to improve the acoustics of the music room in their home. When playing the drums, piano, and other instruments, the music didn’t have the right sound quality, making it difficult to play. Within the...

Absorption Panels for Machine Room Noise


An office room converted to a clean machine room for testing of equipment/products in Needham MA was questioned to be too loud to use. The company wanted to use its smaller room to put a machine used to test some of their products so that it would not disturb other...

Soundproofing Reduces Air Conditioning Noise


A new homeowner noticed that the home Air Conditioning unit was located too close to the deck. The noise when it turned on and ran was disturbing the peaceful relaxation of the back yard. New England Soundproofing had to install Sound Barrier MD and Sound Absorption insulation to reduce the...

Noise Reduction Saves Lives at Animal Shelter


When New England Soundproofing got a call from the Great Dog Rescue NE, they were in dire need of soundproofing due to the loud noise within the facility. The landlord for the Great Dog Rescue had threatened to evict...

School Auditorium Acoustics


A highly ranked private school in Boston MA had changed their former auditorium into a conference room, but soon found out that the echoing within the room was unbearable. After a quick call to New England Soundproofing, we were able to assess the situation and recommend a perfect solution. The...

Boiler Room Noise Reduction


After meeting with the building owner and talks with neighboring unit owners, New England Soundproofing was able to evaluate the excess noise from the boiler room transmitting to the apartment up above. The boiler is a gas-fired boiler, and the fan blower...

Loud Machinery Room Sound Absorption


A loud compressor was disturbing the work throughout a machine shop building in Waltham MA. Workers and management in the building were getting distracted by the noise and needed a solution for it. After calling New England Soundproofing to come assess the noise, we...

Custom Painted Acoustic Panels

New England Soundproofing offers 100% custom painted  acoustical art panels. Our in-house painter, Craig Ouellette, a master craftsman with a degree in Art, paints these panels. With over 15 years of experience, Craig is able to paint any picture given to him, or create any theme on any size panel....