Isolation Connectors for a Cost Effective Installation

HushFrame Raft Connectors are engineered and designed for the wood-framed builder in mind. This cost effective isolation connector replaces the metal RSIC clips used in a lot of metal-framed commercial buildings. When using HushFrame Raft Connectors, you are using a wood-based product, so the installation of the connectors is simpler, faster, and more cost effective.

The simplest connector - can be mounted on the walls or ceiling, concrete or wood. The simple design can be mounted on the face of a stud or joist, but also adhered to concrete ceiling, floors, or walls. 


HushFrame Raft Connectors 300 Series: Buy Now!

The low profile, side mount connector allows for maximum ceiling heights. The 300 series HushFrame Connector mounts on the side of the wall stud or side of the ceiling joist allowing only 1/4" drop. This HushFrame was specifically designed with low profile, space saving soundproofing in mind. 

  • Dimensions: 4-7/8" L x 2" W x 2-1/8" Thick
  • Class B Fire Rating
  • Installation with screws
  • Minimum bay depth of 1-7/8" required

Test Results:

  • 50lb Shear, 50lb Tension
  • Adds 14-21 STC points on standard wall assembly
  • Adds 14-18 IIC points to a standard floor/ceiling assembly


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